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pay attention to something, something to fill in the moments we have nothing else. There are no algorithms to hide your content. Anchor is a popular service that allows podcasters to broadcast audio, right from their mobile phones. 02 Use a link in your bio. 26 min Onsdag S02E13 Talk skånish to me, sexiga dialekter och tuffa frågor när Elina och Johan går på dejt. It is focused on visual content only and the texting options are limited to each posts description and your bio, the only place where you can insert a personal link. Why these simple videos?

Instagram has unique features such as explore and search that you can use for marketing purposes. Thus, digital snackable content becomes valuable when it is created especially for mobile consumers, people who are bored but not really bored; people who need something to spend a few free moments with when they are doing something else. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in terms of return of Investment and it delivers the highest engagement rate out of all other social media communities. Well, you need professional tools in order to create professional looking videos. Well, besides what we have learned in the first part of this article, l am going to list another three good reasons of why Instagram is a great tool for marketing. Add in the engagement rate and you have a great marketing platform, ideal for promoting a small business or a website. Like, flygplats online dating when we are standing in line, when we are traveling by bus from one place to another, when we are waiting to pick up our kids from school and. What is Instagram on top of their list? Noah Kagan who uses links in his bio to promote his latest episodes. However, once you are getting more attention and become more popular, unique hashtags may be of help. Why are podcasters considering this social media platform great for marketing? Its easy to follow.

People are less likely to read a blog than to listen to a podcast or watch a video in 2017. You can, therefore, take audio segments of your podcast, turn them into short videos featuring word-by-word transcription and share them on social media. What you post is what your followers see. However, should you know other types of marketing strategies applicable to Instagram that may be of use to podcasters, feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments section available below. Therefore, if you are able to provide value in just a few seconds, you will have to gain a lot. I would recommend you to use a branded hashtag, just like Tim Ferris does and promote it on other social media platforms as well. Why is this a thing?