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by Georg Broddman together with his son John. The two pictures here were taken in 1956 and show Broddman as a sober and quality-conscious record shop. He has also organized record fairs around Sweden. At the record bar a bunch of musicians, including Ove Lind, Bengt Hallberg and singer Thory Bernhards. There you could find, for example, all the records from the legendary Finnish record label Love Records.

Stockholm Record Stores Nostalgia - Birka Jazz

dating med flickvän citat

The location was U-shaped with records in one half and hi-fi equipments in the other. It closed for good in 2003. The record crates were filled with vinyl from the 70's and the walls were taped with posters on bands like Jethro Tull, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth and Deep Purple. The records in the first free delivery, of course, quickly ended. Den slog igen 2003. They see a point in just having to pay a few hundreds kronor for a perfectly unplayed copy of a 60's classic, instead of maybe thousands for a first pressing. He made jag behöver nigerianska dejtingsajt sure that Record Pool took home the latest and hottest club music. Both stores were founded by Richard Berlin, a guy from New York, in the early 1970s. He may even remind us of how many of the stores record bags looked like. I have sat there myself and tried to keep up with the turns.

But how much sell? On second picture shoes a small advertisement that was common in the newspaper in the mid 1960s and on the third picture is Sten Berglind with new record finds at Moderna Magnus in the Old Town. En annan var Lars Larsson med Record Mania. But the question is how profitable it really was. This is a good story. Skivorna finns i butiken. Skivavdelningen var nybyggd 1964 (bilden nedan).

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